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Elie Saab to launch his first perfume line, Le Parfum

beautyspy  elie saab perfume Elie Saab to launch his first perfume line, Le Parfum

What do you know about Elie Saab? His story is a bit of a fairytale if you think that Elie who was born in Beirut Lebanon in 1964 created his first dress for his younger sister at the age of  nine. Word quickly spread around his neighborhood and very soon the house was filled with elegant women from all over the region who wanted a beautiful unique dress, made from the hands of the self-taught, extremely talented teenager.


By the age of 18 Elie already had his own Couture house in Beirut where he hired more than a dozen seamstresses, since his name was already so well known that sometimes he would get as many as 60 dress orders on a single ceremony. His gift was not haltered by the unstable political climate of Lebanon. He self –financed his first Beirut catwalk show and by doing this he gave a touch of glamour and magic to a long suffering city.


Elie was among the first to win over the Middle Eastern market, and its wealthy clientele became his faithful followers. He presented his Haute Couture collection in Paris in 2000.  He was elected an honorary member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in 2006, alongside Valentino and Armani; thanks to him Lebanon’s reputation radiates all over the world. The personal designer to many princesses, Elie Saab also accompanies international celebrities on the red carpet.

Thanks to his amazing success story, Elie Saab incarnates the free, modern, and enterprising spirit of today’s Lebanon.  His Couture House’s renown shines from Beirut to Los Angeles via Paris’ Golden Triangle – where he opened a boutique off the Champs-Elysées in 2007.

Elie Saab himself loves the ultra femininity in women and says ““I like ‘womanly women’, women who twirl their dresses with desire and pride”. Ever since my childhood in Lebanon, I’ve examined the way they dress, I’ve always wanted to please them by flattering their curves.”

beautyspy  elie saab perfume package Elie Saab to launch his first perfume line, Le Parfum

His first perfume line ELIE SAAB Le Parfume, was created in full commitment to the fashion house’s codes ““A fragrance which expresses a radiant femininity and which includes the duality of my world: the light of the Middle East and the modernity of the West.”

Composed as an ode to light, ELIE SAAB Le Parfum celebrates the splendor and the brilliance of radiant femininity with a floral solar woody theme. The permanent exchange between flowers and wood is what gives the fragrance such captivating resonance. The notes, from orange blossom, Mediterranean petals and jasmine to sambac, patchouli and rose honey reveal a feminine, glamorous and extremely sensuous perfume.

As for the bottle  the designer Sylvie de France, created a luxurious bottle, in the great perfumery tradition. Pure transparent heavy glass, cut like crystal, its pure, classic yet with modern aesthetic reflecting all of Elie Saab’s elegance.

The line will be complete with  Body Cream,  Body Lotion,  Body Wash, and Deodorant.

Ι can’t wait to try it cause I’m thinking: If I can’t have the gown, I should at least have the perfume…

beautyspy  elie saab Elie Saab to launch his first perfume line, Le Parfum

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