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Fall-Winter 2011: In the Giorgio Armani, “Boudoir”

beautyspy  armani collection11 Fall Winter 2011: In the Giorgio Armani, “Boudoir”

I confess: When it comes to make up I can use almost anything if it suits me and even though I’m a beauty editor and I can try and use some of the most expensive cosmetics in the market- I have no problem in putting on something completely unknown and obscure, as long as I like the color (and that goes especially for lipsticks). What I just wrote is absolutely true and for the longest time my favorite product was a lipstick palette that I got for free from a magazine give away- and for the life of me I cannot remember the brand- apparently because the brand does not even exist anymore.


By making that clear, let me just say that even though I consider myself a down to earth cosmetic junkie, that does not mean that after 12 years that I’ve been working in magazines as a beauty editor,  I don’t recognize gold when I see it. The Giorgio Armani Cosmetics Line is exactly that. Gold in the form of make up. And yes, I do believe that among the expensive, selective beauty lines, it is by far the best (or at least in my books). Let me just say that even though I hardly ever use lip gloss (one of my least favorite products) I completely fell in love with Gloss d’Armani and it hasn’t left my beauty case since April, when I tried it for the first time. Some of my favorite products, the Luminous Skin Foundation, the Blushing Fabric Blush (which I also use as lipstick) and the amazing eye shadows especially this summers’ Mediterranean Eye Palette 2011 with the most beautiful bronze shades.


“Boudoir” is the 2011 Fall-Winter line and Linda Cantello the brand’s Creative Director and famous make up artist, made pink the star color, directly inspired by the soft pink tones of the Giorgio Armani Collection. This time Linda made a contrast between soft, satiny dusty pinks on eyes, lips and cheekbones but she paired the otherwise soft look with black eyeliner with a contemporary twist: Two thin parallel lines worn under the eye as opposed to, on top. Linda explained that she wanted to create an illusion of strength and softness “a sensual new vision for women”


Take a look at these pictures and mentally transport yourself in the Giorgio Armani inspiration…


Linda Cantello, at work

beautyspy  Linda cantello at work Fall Winter 2011: In the Giorgio Armani, “Boudoir”


Sketching beauty

beautyspy  sketching beauty Fall Winter 2011: In the Giorgio Armani, “Boudoir”


The Eyeliner!

beautyspy  eyeliner1 Fall Winter 2011: In the Giorgio Armani, “Boudoir”


beautyspy  eyeliner2 Fall Winter 2011: In the Giorgio Armani, “Boudoir”



beautyspy  eyeshadow Fall Winter 2011: In the Giorgio Armani, “Boudoir”

Giorgio Armani’s pink…

beautyspy  armani pink1 Fall Winter 2011: In the Giorgio Armani, “Boudoir”



The make up collection

beautyspy  armani colection2 Fall Winter 2011: In the Giorgio Armani, “Boudoir”


The Lipsticks

beautyspy  armani lipstick collection Fall Winter 2011: In the Giorgio Armani, “Boudoir”


On the catwalk..

beautyspy  catwalk2 Fall Winter 2011: In the Giorgio Armani, “Boudoir”


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