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Christmas Wish: Sephora’s Hot Make Up Palette

beautyexpert  Sephora palette closed Christmas Wish: Sephoras Hot Make Up Palette

Well,  my 4 year old is counting, and there are 33 days till Christmas (and counting) so I’ve decided that starting from today I will be posting goodies, that any one of us (myself included) would love to have (and receive) on our Santa List.


And I start with Sephora’s  Hot  Make Up Palette. Now as I see it there’s a little bit more to this particular palette than just (I’m joking when I say just) 24 amazing colors since the packaging also makes for  a pretty evening clutch –perfect for X-mass parties. (Not that you would put anything in it, but it might go perfect with your outfit)

beautyexpert  Sephora Hot Palette Christmas Wish: Sephoras Hot Make Up Palette


The beautiful shades of sparkling colors are universal and flattering and ideal for lots of different make up looks for morning or evening. My opinion: Choose the nudes and light greys for morning, the dark smoky ones for the evening and the bright ones for partying!


The two brushes along with a big mirror will help you do your make up anytime, any place (especially if your going for drinks right after office hours!) The great thing is its shape, that allows you to have it  in your bag, at all times!



8 Responses to “Christmas Wish: Sephora’s Hot Make Up Palette”

  1. Angelina says:

    Come to mama baby palette!

  2. KatRap says:

    Poor Santa….You’ll have to pay sooooo much money for this year’s presents….
    Julia’s guilty! Not me and the other girls….
    Every day, she has something so attractive and unique to present……

  3. @Angelina and Kat Rap: You too, along with MariaA and a few more will be the honorary members of juliasbeautyblog. And as you know, I never, ever forget… Just wait and see…

  4. Katerinatsi says:

    it’s sooooo beautiful ! great colors!!!! i love it!

  5. peli says:

    love love love!!!please sanda….bring me this!!(how much it cost?)

  6. Elen_Ka says:

    Gorgeous palette!Sephora surprises me every year!

  7. MOUS MOUS says:

    Is Santa listening ( or reading ) ? If so , please add this one as well …

  8. efi says:

    I like sephora