Posted on January 16, 2012 in: BeautyNews

The winner of the Lancome Golden Hat Palette!

beautynews  LancomePOUDRE GOLDEN HAT11  The winner of the Lancome Golden Hat Palette!


The first official giveaway of j’bb ended last night, but all you fans, stay tuned – there’s more to come!

And the winner of the Lancome Golden Hat Palette is…


Conrgats, Joanna!

7 Responses to “The winner of the Lancome Golden Hat Palette!”

  1. Zoe says:

    Such a lucky girl!congratulations!
    Good morning Julia!:D

  2. @Zoe: Good morning Zoe! Sooooo cold today!! xoxoxo

  3. Angelina says:

    Have a nice week!
    I just love the cold weather (it has a little to do with a new jacket I bought, especially for polar temperatures … I guess!)

  4. MariaA says:

    Goooood morning!!!! Baby it’s cold outside…..
    Angelina as much as I appreciate a new jacket especially a fur one, I wish it was just a bit warmer at least!!!!!
    Congrats to the winner!!!!

  5. @Angelina@mariaA: I love the cold weather too, and I also enjoyed a jacket a bought. But I want cold weather with no sun to go with it ( I prefer snow) and as Maria says, if we are going to have sun let it be warm!! xoxo

  6. Flora says:

    Sorry girls… I prefer a hot day by the beach!!!
    I’ m a Summer Addict…

  7. JOANNA-GLORIA says:

    Thank you so much, love to all!!
    <3 <3