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Kate Winslet, will receive a César Award

guestpost  kate winslet 1 Kate Winslet, will receive a César Award


On February 24th, the 37th César Awards will be held at the Châtelet Theater in Paris. The ceremony will be broadcasted live on Canal+. Kate Winslet will receive an Honorary César Award for her career achievements.


The César Academy and its President, Alain Terzian, have voted this year to honor the Academy Award-winning actress for her acclaimed work in such films as “The Reader” (Best Actress in 2009), “Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind”, “Revolutionary Road”, “Little Children”, “Sense and Sensibility” and “Titanic”.


The star of the new Roman Polanski film, “Carnage”,  has just been awarded the Golden Globe Award 2012 for Best Actress in a Mini-series or Motion Picture made for Television for her role in “Mildred Pierce”.

guestpost  kate winslet 2 Kate Winslet, will receive a César Award


Kate Winslet is the ambassadress of the Maison Lancôme since 2007.


Credits: Tom Munro for Lancôme © 2011

14 Responses to “Kate Winslet, will receive a César Award”

  1. Αngelina says:

    Isn´t she great? I have to admit that the “vomit” scene from Carnage is already considered a classic …

  2. MariaA says:

    She is amazing!! I haven’t seen Carnage yet its in my must see list. I enjoyed Mildred Pierce very much even though I must admit Evan Rachel Woods’ performance was breathtaking also!! (Guy Pearce wasn’t bad either!!)

  3. @Angelina@MariaA: Darlings, wouldn’t it be perfect, a little trip to Paris now??? xxx (I mean I love Kate Winslet but now I’m in the mood for traveling..)

  4. KatRap says:

    Trip to Paris???!! You’re in my mind……

  5. MariaA says:

    A perfume trip!!!To all niche perfumeries!! I can’t think of anything better!!

  6. Angelina says:

    @juliasbeautyblog …What do you have in mind? I;m all ears….

  7. @Angelina: We will leave MariaA at the niche perfumeries and we will hit the wineries … hahaha!! And in the evening with our new perfumes we will hit the Parisian clubs!!!

  8. MariaA says:

    Haha Julia good morning, noone could come up with a better plan!!!!

  9. @MariaA: Good morning beauty!! It’s snowing up here!! xxx

  10. Melitina says:

    hey girls, don;t forget me!! I want to come too!!! please please please! take me with you, we will have a lot of fun! we can walk all together through the saint elysee, chating and laughing, then we can visit some nice shops for our shopping therapy, and then we can visit some wineries, where we can drink as much as we like!!!

  11. @melitina: A dream come true.. A trip with my girl friends in Paris… even if it’s just through our imagination… xxx

  12. MariaA says:

    @Julia: Since we’re dreaming, let’s say road trip to France to visit all the different places everyone wants to see and everyone will be happy!! Try all the perfumes, visit Chanel & the Louvre (equally important), eat all the cheese and drink all the wine we can!!

  13. @MariaA: I’m already there cherie…

  14. Dionisia says:

    she’s so beautiful and classy!!!! I’m happy that she will be awarded, My mom watched Mildred Pierce and she loved it! =))