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YSL, Youth Liberator: 21st century Cosmetology

beautynews  YSL Forever Youth Range YSL, Youth Liberator: 21st century Cosmetology



If you are bored with chemistry and cosmetology do not read this post. If you are interested in what science has to offer to women today, carry on reading. Yves Saint Laurent has created a breakthrough working method for its skincare by assembling a committee of experts.


Focusing on opportunities provided by glycobiology for promoting skin youthfulness, Yves Saint Laurent has mobilized a team with complementary areas of expertise made up of specialists in skin biology. These experts come from the various entities of L’Orιal Research and are joined by external consultants: Prof. Peter H. Seeberger, Expert in glyco-sciences and Dr. Thierry J. Michaud, Dermatologist.



Glycans form saccharide chains on the surface of skin cells and work as “detector antennae”. They behave like actual “keys” which are able to release the cells’ potential for youthfulness.


Glycans bind to receptors on nearby cells, like a lock and key mechanism, to deliver vital messages, some which are essential to skin regeneration. This triggers a series of metabolic reactions, as well as the synthesis of macromolecules which regularly renew the dense matter of the skin.


The quantity of glycans diminishes with age, as well as that of cellular receptors to glycans, and their action transforms. Result: cells become“locked” and are limited in their skin regeneration process. In the same way, structure glycans lose their qualities.

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The first signs of ageing appear: wrinkles, loss of tone, dull complexion,etc. These newest discoveries were the subject of scientific publications released as part of the ESDR (European Society for Dermatological Research) 2011 congress.


Backed by discoveries in glycobiology for decoding skin youthfulness,Yves Saint Laurent has introduced a breakthrough in skincare with a unique complex, Glycanactif™.


Designed to work as a key to cells, Glycanactif™ “unlocks” cells to stimulate the skin’s youth-promoting functions. This breakthrough complex recreates glycans that are lost with age, and promotes the synthesis of matrix components of skin architecture as well as skin regeneration mechanisms.


The ingenuity of Glycanactif™ lies in its structure, which is built around a trio of glycans. Its customized design enables it to work like a “key”, much like the natural glycans found on the surface of cells, to stimulate the skin’s youth-promoting functions. Glycans in the Glycanactif™ complex have a double performance:


− They bind to receptors to “unlock” cells and release messages which are essential to cellular metabolic reactions and synthesis . This, results in better production of CD44, a hyaluronic acid receptor which helps structure the epidermis, perlecan, which restores the dermo-epidermal junction, and glycosaminoglycans, which densify and reconstitute the skin’s fundamental substance.


− They allow for dynamic re-modelling of the skin’s architecture:

They promote thickening of the epidermis, maturation of corneocytes (components of the stratum corneum which determine its condition: transparency, radiance) and enrichment of the dermal mattress.


Forever Youth Liberator anti-wrinkle, lift, resculpting, radiance, effectively targets visible criteria of skin youthfulness.


As the star product of the Forever Youth Liberator line, the serum, is at the core of the Yves Saint Laurent beauty ritual to effectively target the visible criteria of skin youthfulness.


beautynews  YSL Forever Youth Serum YSL, Youth Liberator: 21st century Cosmetology



Serum and creams are equipped with applicators which ensure ultra-precise application: a dosing pipette or a spatula for targeted application, followed by a gentle massage. Each texture is the result of working to find the perfect balance between powerful, targeted efficacy and sensory appeal.


The YSL, Youth Liberator skincare line, is by all means, the next step in cosmetology.

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  1. Angelina says:

    I just found a sample of the serum in a magazine… I’ll try it and let you know…
    It does sound exciting!

  2. MariaA says:

    Hello Julia!!!! I hope you had a great weekend!! I was wondering about this product cause I bought Elle mag yesterday and it had a sample of it inside. You must be reading my mind!! I love science based products but does this one deliver what it promises? I am afraid my sample is too small for a definite answer!!! Have a great great day!!!!

  3. @Angelina &MariaA: The truth is, I haven’t tried it yet.. I wonder if I am going to like it as much as the Lancome Visionnaire…

  4. MariaA says:

    well visionnaire is very good, not wonderous but very very well done it worked on my skin, however liberator seems to have a complete line of products which could count as a pro , a very expensive pro though!!

  5. what can i say …forever…. forever…forever.

  6. KatRap says:

    @juliasbeautyblog: Exactly!! I’m very curious…