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YSL, Opium Vapeurs de Parfum: The light version of Opium…

beautyspy  YSL Vapeur dOpium125ml YSL, Opium Vapeurs de Parfum: The light version of Opium...



Opium, Vapeurs de Parfum starts from the all time classic Opium theme and reinterprets it with more freshness and modernity, thanks to its ingredients. A captivating floriental, modernized by an intense luminosity going through the entire fragrance.


The freshness of mandarin zests,  is enhanced by cold spicy notes of pink pepper to offer a sharp and bright top, where tea brings its racy character.


The opulent floral heart, pushes the fresh femininity of orange flower, taking over the voluptuous notes of sambac jasmine, original signature of the EDP. These floral notes, are wrapped with the soft warmth of mystic incense twirls of smoke and nutmeg.


In the dry-down the ambery facet becomes more contemporary through modern ambery woody notes – vetiver, patchouli, operanide – caressed by sensual and addictive touches of vanilla.



beautyspy  Opium Vapeurs de Parfum YSL, Opium Vapeurs de Parfum: The light version of Opium...



I can’t wait to try it… I think I will love it, since even in the spring and the hot summer days, I want my perfume to have character…Has any of you out there,tried it yet?



15 Responses to “YSL, Opium Vapeurs de Parfum: The light version of Opium…”

  1. MariaA says:

    Hello Julia!!! I have not tried it yet but I will!! I love the original, I love Belle d’ opium, I also love two of special editions they had in the past and had a chance to try (but not buy) the Fleur du Shanghai and Orchidee de Chine. I am sure this will work on my skin, pink pepper + jasmine + orange flower + vetiver works on me most of the times. And I agree with you perfume has to have a character even in summer !!!!! Lots of kisses!!!!

  2. I don’t know this but i like the fragrances with vanilla… HAVE A NICE WEEKEND!

  3. @MariaA: I was waiting for your opinion on this concoction and I’m really glad you liked it… I think I might buy it…

  4. @Tania: You are a vanilla girl! I really like vanilla, too…

  5. MariaA says:

    @Julia: Test it first!!! On your skin to avoid dissapointments!!! (spoken by the person who buys blind half her perfumes!!!)
    YSL is another brand that works on me (the L’oreal acquisition seems to have left them unharmed) Remains to be seen. I am waiting on a NEW creation from them!!!

  6. Ioanna Thess says:

    Hey there!
    No, I haven’t tried it yet but I want to, like crazy!
    I have recently started enjoying floral & sweet scents, it’ll be a great choice for me.

  7. @mariaA: They tried… but it did not work for them the way they wanted.. Cinema, Elle, Baby Doll did not quite make it… Don’t you think?

  8. MariaA says:

    @ Julia: You do have a point they tried very hard, I know and have friend that absolutely love th YSL fragrances like Cinema and Parissienne but I must admit that Saharienne was a vry good intention just with no staying power at all. On my skin it dissapeared in minutes….

  9. MariaA says:

    I meant friends – plural

  10. Flora says:

    I will say it once more. Opium is not a perfume, it’s a LEGENT!
    So I’m tempted to try this one to, but to tell you the truth after Paris, YSL has dissapoint me.

  11. Andriana says:

    Ι would definitely like to try it, since I really like the original perfume, but I always thought I would prefer a lighter version. And here it is! :)

  12. maryl says:

    I haven’t try it yet,but i will do it,soon…Opium is one of my favorites perfumes…it’s a classic value!!!

  13. Nadia says:

    The original perfume is perfect. I would definitely like to try the new product.

  14. Valerie C. says:

    Opium is my favorite fragrance….I’m going to try this too :)

  15. feyza says:

    i bought this one today without trying original opium before. it is really a fresh fragrance with a character. i once wore L’OCCITANE Ruban d’Orange Eau de Toilette for a while and this fragrance is very similar to ruban d’orange because one of its top notes is orange. i was a fan of prada d’iris but wanted to switch to this when i smelled it.