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Giveaway: Win the Benefit Hervana Powder Blush!

guestpost  Benefit Hervana Good Karma Giveaway: Win the Benefit Hervana Powder Blush!

How do you know that Spring officially starts? No, it doesn’t  have to do, with  sunny days and Easter Bunnies, it’s more about the new object of desire in our beauty case. And if that object is no other than Benefit and on top, it  has Good Karma, well, all the better! And that’s not an April Fools’ Day joke!


The gift of the hour, is Benefit’s brand new powder blush Hervana Good Karma, and I don’t know about the Karma per se, but I’m sure your cheeks and face will absolutely love it!


To enter the competition and win, all you need to do, is 3 easy steps:


1.    Leave a comment (in English please…) at the bottom of this post

2.    Subscribe to our Newsletter (very easy, just put your email address at the top right corner, where it says Subscribe)

3.    Click the Like button, on our facebook page, juliasbeautyblog


The competition starts today Saturday 31st March and it will be completed on Tuesday 10th of April. On Wednesday the 11th of April, I will announce by post the lucky winner.


Good luck girls! (and boys, why not?)


guestpost  Benefit Hervana 2 Giveaway: Win the Benefit Hervana Powder Blush!

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  1. toula says:

    so wonderful gift… thank you

  2. Μαρια Μοσχακου says:

    Nice gift.i wish I win!

  3. irina says:

    it’s just perfect, and perfect for me.

  4. olga says:

    I just love it..hope Im lucky…

  5. Jenny says:

    Nice gift!

  6. Savvina Chalkidi says:


  7. alkistis says:

    I will never try benefit but I would like to do it!!!

  8. sylvana says:

    just perfect

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  10. Belinda Bonello says:

    What an awesome giveaway!

  11. DIMITRA says:

    perfect gift!

  12. Lamprini Kouiouri says:

    I want it now…

  13. LAURIE says:

    thanks for such a great giveaway

  14. LAURIE says:

    email subscriber

  15. LAURIE says:

    like u on facebook-lmurley2000

  16. Salasidou Elisavet says:

    it’s a perfect present

  17. anastasia says:

    lovely colours!

  18. Άρτεμις says:

    it’s perfect!!!

  19. Salasidou Elisavet says:

    I want it now !it’s the best i have ever seen!

  20. Γιώργος says:

    great gift :)

  21. angelika_ml says:

    like like like ………. !!!

  22. Jomar says:

    A perfect present for my sister!

  23. drosostalitsa says:

    amazing gift! happy easter

  24. Julia says:

    Just found your blog – I am so impressed! Great name too! Love the prize up for offer, it looks fantastic.

  25. Dulcealy says:

    It would be really perfect to me! :)

  26. Eleni says:

    It’s something that I think every woman needs. It is very pioneer! :)

  27. Gary Green says:

    I woul;d love to win this prize.

  28. ΧΑΡΑ ΚΟΣΣΥΦΑ says:



    Great gift,such beautiful colours for such…lucky cheeks!:)

  30. rapou says:

    its so qute!!! I want to be the lucky one!!!

  31. ΕΛΕΝΗ ΜΑΤΙΑΤΟΥ says:

    perfect i wish i win

  32. revekka says:

    oraio doro

  33. Natashakat says:

    Perfect !!!!

  34. Charlotte Scotton says:

    Liked and subscribed, thanks for the great comp and fingers crossed, it looks gorgeous!

  35. sofia says:

    perfect!!!!!i want it plzzzzzz!!!!

  36. Gloria Vo says:

    Good luck everyone, I hope I win! :D

  37. HAROULA says:

    So, so beautiful!!!!!

  38. youli says:

    Good luck!!!

  39. efi says:

    I LIKE IT!

  40. maria says:

    teleio dwro!!!

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  42. konstantinos says:

    its a great gift!!!

  43. liliag23 says:

    love it!

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  45. stella says:

    einai uperoxo!!!

  46. aggelikh says:

    its amaxing and i want it!

  47. maria says:


  48. marianna says:

    lovvvvee iiittt!!!!

  49. Rachel says:

    Bright, vibrant and beautiful – just what this tired Mum needs!

  50. mariap says:

    just perfect!

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  52. Jussy says:

    Good luck everyone – Liked on Facebook (Jussy Liane) and subscribed too.

  53. Nadia says:

    Like it, love it, great gift!!

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    it ‘s perfect!!!i’d love to try it!!!!

  57. SOFAKI says:

    it is perfect!!!!i’d love to try it!!!! :)

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  59. Annita says:

    I like

  60. Anna says:

    I want it

  61. MARIZA says:

    LUUUUUV IT!!!! GIVE IT 2 ME :) )))

  62. Natassa says:

    for me

  63. maria says:

    It’s perfect for spring!!!!


    PERFECT !!!!

  65. Vicky says:

    I adore it!!!!!!!1badly wanted!!!!!!

  66. katerina says:

    lovely colours!!!

  67. PENNY says:

    MAKE ME BLUSH!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Natassa says:

    lovely colors.. I really want it!

  69. polina49 says:

    nice present!!!! good luck to everyone, i hope i win!! xi, xi!!

  70. nice gift :) likeeeeee

  71. Iro says:

    Glamorous and elegant gift! perfect for me!! hehe!

  72. ELENI Liaku says:


  73. Eleni says:

    I love that summer powder

  74. Vicky says:

    Very nice

  75. Helen says:

    I hope to win it!

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    love it!!!!

  78. Christy Ann says:

    Looks so pretty for summer! I subscribed and like you on Facebook.

  79. Maria B. says:

    Would love to win this.
    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway

    (subscribed & followed your page on fb)

  80. Brooke Klassen says:

    That blush looks awesome! Great blog :)

  81. Jennifer says:

    Looks amazing! Thanks for the opportunity & great giveaway!!

  82. Tania says:

    Thanks so much! xx

  83. Aigli says:

    i want it!!!!

  84. patricia says:

    i hope i win this (:

  85. jennifer says:

    its amazing , also gorgeous colors.