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Beauty Tips: Roger & Gallet Multi Purpose Dry Oil

beautyspy  ROGERetGALLET duo1 Beauty Tips: Roger & Gallet Multi Purpose Dry Oil



I’ve decided recently that I love dry oils, even though in the past I never really paid much attention to them. I changed my mind on a recent trip. I traveled with my four year old and (as usual..) I had to compete with all his McQueen car collection, and there was not much room for my own beauty case. So, I decided to take with me the Roger & Gallet dry oil and use it, till its last drop.


I used it on my face, hair and body and let me tell you, it didn’t let me down one bit.


Here are some of its uses:




Add a few drops on your shower gel for immediate hydration in the shower

Use it as a body cream on damp skin right after your shower. You will love how soft and moist your skin will feel

After swimming in the sea or the pool, since it immediately helps you to recuperate from dryness

For dry elbows, knees and feet.. It works wonders..



Put a few drops as soon as you wake up if you don’t want to wash and blow dry your hair. It will give you the shine without the grease!

Use it as a leave-in conditioner as it protects the hair from the air and the UV rays and the heat of the blow dryer

Use a mask: Put some drops and fold your hair in a warm towel for an hour. Perfect shiny soft hair!

Use it on the beach to protect your hair from salt and sun

If you have curly hair (like mine) it will work like an anti-frizz serum… perfect



Use it before you go to bed, instead of your night cream

Mix a few drops with your foundation for a healthy glow



For better results always warm dry oils in your palms before you apply them on your face. Apply only at the length of your hair and not close to the roots.





Hope I’ve helped you a bit. It can actually “save your life” when there’s not much room for your own stuff…


12 Responses to “Beauty Tips: Roger & Gallet Multi Purpose Dry Oil”

  1. NatassaK says:

    Εχω την κολώνια και είναι καταπληκτική!!!!

  2. MariaA says:

    Hello gorgeous Julia and BBgirls!!! You know I have a soft spot for this brand!!! I remember you wrote about this oil last year when it first came out? Anyway this year I will buy the new one with the Osmanthus scent and match it with the spray (and body cream I also have) Hehe
    Lots of kisses!!

  3. @Maria: Absolutely! I have news for your Osmanthus!! All in good time! xoxo

  4. Angelina says:

    I am so tempted right now! Any hints on the price?

  5. MariaA says:

    Ah Julia!!!! This is why I love you so!!!!

  6. @Angelina: Around 20E if I remember well, but I will check for you…

  7. @Angelina: 29,50E for 100ml and 14,90E for 30ml

  8. maryl says:

    it looks delicious!!!

  9. Angelina says:

    Thanks luv!

  10. Ioanna Thess says:

    I didn’t know many of these tips!
    Thanks! Useful information!

  11. Stavroula says:

    They look amazing!where can I find them??

  12. Andriana says:

    @Angelina: Online pharmacies have it also, on lower prices from the abovementioned; some even on offer, so look them up!

    Great tips! :)