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L’Eau d’Issey: A 20 year Odyssey…

guestpost  leaudissey1 L’Eau d’Issey: A 20 year Odyssey…


What you are about to read is one of the most interesting stories, when it comes to the world of modern perfumery. It was twenty years ago when Issey Miyake, about to embark on a flight from London to Tokyo, decided to let his bags return to Tokyo without him. He bought a rucksack and took off for Athens, an impromptu trip to Greece.


Once in the ancient land, he loved the pure clear waters of the Mediterranean sea, the deep blue sky, the unique smells.


There and then, he got his inspiration. His new perfume would be called Eau d’Issey… He put these three words together and he found his own Odyssey at last!


This unique water speaks about a burst of freshness at once aquatic and vegetal, thanks to the lotus, with its moist and delicate scent, combined with freesia. Then it unveils its floral heart, overflowing with peony white lily and a touch of spicy carnation. Lastly, it leads us into a soft and mysterious trail, infused with wood and osmanthus. A unique creation by perfumer Jacques Cavallier


When back in Paris, Mr Miyake one evening saw the moon shining above the Eiffel Tower. And the idea of a crystalline bead atop a glass bottle was born. To realise this bottle he called on two designers with eclectic talent: Alain de Mourgues and Fabien Baron.


guestpost  leau dissey2 L’Eau d’Issey: A 20 year Odyssey…


The L’Eau d’Issey bottle speaks of sculpture and architecture: Something round, a cone, a silhouette as slender as a stretching line. And to evoke poetry, the constant movement of living water, a glass bead that appears suspended, like a tightrope walker balancing on a wire between sky and earth.


You might think that all the above is just another legend but I assure you, it is all true. No wonder after 20 years, L’Eau d’Issey,  is still one of the best selling perfumes of all times, loved by millions of women worldwide.


And now, you know why…


guestpost  leau dissey3 L’Eau d’Issey: A 20 year Odyssey…


11 Responses to “L’Eau d’Issey: A 20 year Odyssey…”

  1. Angelina says:

    Nice story.. I hadn’t really made the connotation between the name the perfume and Odyssey… but it makes sense!
    Nice, elegant scent … always popular, with a good reason!

  2. Andriana says:

    Oh God!!!
    This was the very first High End perfume I ever bought!!! I love it so much!!! I’ve used up numerous bottles and for some reason, I abandonned it, some time ago for whatever reason I can not currently recall. Thanks for reminding me, though… I’ ll definetely pick one up, the soonest possible! (Although I was supposed to buy the Channel Chance eau Fraiche… I’ll probably decide at the counter!)


  3. @Angelina&Andriana: I found the story so amazing…and the perfume is such a signature scent…

  4. MariaA says:

    Hello Julia!!! I love l’eau d’ issey!! It was such a big success during the first half of the 1990s !!! It was the fressia-cyclamen-melon -lily-tuberose-osmanthus that caught my nose , I didn’t know what I was smelling back then but it was good!!!! It was much later that I found out that Jackues Cavallier who was behind it was responsible for many best-selling perfumes of our time like Midnight Poison-Dior, Clasique- Jean Paul Gaultier, Poeme-Lancome, Nina- Nina Ricci, Stella -Stella McCarney, Cinema & Elle -YSL and so on…. I didn’t however know about Mr Miyake’s trip to Greece that inspired this creation!!!!! Lovely Julia!!!

  5. Ioanna Thess says:

    I prefer light and clean scents-most floral scents are too overpowering, but I don’t have a problem with this one. It has a beautiful, feminine scent, very soft, yet lingering….just fabulousness!
    And what a wonderful story exists behind it…really amazing!

  6. KALLIOPI MAZ. says:

    Once again, Hellenic inspiration is amazing!

  7. sonaki_alex says:

    Wowww great story!!! Amazing Perfume….

  8. RITA says:

    το αγαπημένο μου άρωμα από το 1993!!!!δεν το αλλάζω!

  9. katerinaki says:

    i love this perfume!!!It is one of my favorites!!!

  10. katerinagika says:

    το λατρευω αυτο το αρωμα!!!!!!!!!