julia kyrilli small InfoThrough out my career as a beauty editor in major magazines, such as In Style, Esquire, OK!, Cosmopolitan, etc, I have been asked in numerous occasions what exactly is my job. Are you a make up artist? A hair-dresser? Do you work in a cosmetic store? Are you a beautician? Do you try all day creams and perfumes?, are only a few of the questions that I have been asked in the past. So let me set the record straight. No, I am not a make up artist or a beautician. No, I cannot do hair, except maybe my own (not always successfully). I do not work in a cosmetic store and I certainly do not try on make up, creams and perfumes all day (I hardly put on make up during the day – if that answers your question) but I do have to try some of these products but only so that I can write to you about them. But there’s lots more to my job than just that. Press conferences, trips abroad for international beauty launches, every day communication with major cosmetic companies, constant information about every new product that hits the market. And then there is the pure journalist side of my job: doing the research, writing the editorials and managing the photo shoots. Put all these together and you have what we in the field call a Beauty Editor.

On the other hand what do you call somebody who was born in Athens Greece, has an amazing Greek Family, yet an English grandfather, spend all her holidays in London, studied in London English Literature and Media Communication, yet worked as a journalist in Greece, has a (beloved) grandmother and an uncle along with more aunts, uncles and cousins that live in London, an Austrian uncle and Austrian cousins, a German aunt, relatives that were raised in Paris, another uncle and aunt along with cousins in Canada, a best friend from Croatia, schoolmates from Aruba, Italy, Turkey, Spain, friends in India, married an American from Los Angeles, has a wonderful American family (moms, dads, grandmothers, uncles, aunts) in California and is a mother to a half-American, half Greek, 4 year old son. Universal? Cosmopolitan? International? Or just plain lucky?

From all the above, I just consider myself plain lucky, because from an early age I have been in contact with lots of different amazing cultures, with beauty in all its forms and shapes and that, I would not change for the world.

Yet, I don’t know if this blog will be lucky (I hope it will be, we just have to wait and see…) but for sure it will be universal, international and cosmopolitan. Because in my books, that’s exactly what beauty is. And it can be found everywhere, if you know how to look for it.

All my love
Julia Kyrili