Guerlain & Fiat 500: A “beauty” match, made in heaven

La Petite Robe Noire turned out to be one of the most successful perfumes launched by Guerlain and since Miss Noire has changed her dress a couple of times it was about time to get a car to match her wardrobe!

Guerlain Meteorites Blosson: Spring Make Up Collection 2014

It is no secret that Guerlain is one my favorite brands – especially for the perfumes – but also when it comes to make up there a a few products that I simply can’t live without! My Maxi Lash mascara in black and my Rouge G lipstick never leave my bag!

Meet Mr Thierry Wasser the ‘Nose” behind the Guerlain perfumes!

Hello bbgirls!!

I hope you enjoyed our journey these last few days, while we took a small glance into the Guerlain world of make up and fragrance.The truth is that I absolutely adore their perfumes – old and new, floral or oriental, light and airy or dark and mysterious..

Guerlain: The Shalimar Myth and Magic…

Hello girls!

As our journey is getting close – but not just yet – to the grand finale and the surprise I promised you, it is time to talk about perfume once again, this time the irresistible Shalimar by Guerlain

Guerlain, Part Two: Fall Make Up Collection 2013 and Tenue de Perfection

Hello girls!!

As our journey through the Guerlain universe continues, we will take another look at the amazing Fall 2013 make up, collection. I will start with the most important product for a flawless complexion:

Guerlain: The Journey Begins!

Hello girls!!

My love for Guerlain products is no secret especially the perfumes that I absolutely adore! So I decided to write a series of posts that will slowly escalate to a surprise that I think you will find quite exciting!!!!