Guerlain Meteorites Blosson: Spring Make Up Collection 2014

It is no secret that Guerlain is one my favorite brands – especially for the perfumes – but also when it comes to make up there a a few products that I simply can’t live without! My Maxi Lash mascara in black and my Rouge G lipstick never leave my bag!

YSL Tuxedo: The exclusive make- up palette

If you belong among the lucky few, that will be traveling for Christmas, there are a few things to look out in the Duty Free shops. One of them is this gorgeous palette from YSL ,only to be found in airports.

Guest Video Make Up Tutorial: Mediterranean Beauty

Inspired by the sultry, sexy look of Italian actress/beauty Monica Bellucci, Ioanna, re-creates her signature look in a very interesting before and after make up tutorial. Here you will get the inspiration for the perfect evening make up, because don’t forget the x-mas, parties, are just round the corner…

Elizabeth Arden: New Beautiful Color Lipstick and X-mas gift sets

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas and I am getting more and more excited! Cosmetics and perfume companies launch new products and gift sets to lure you into their world. Not that we need that much help anyway!!! We’re happy and we’re beautiful!

Guerlain, Part Two: Fall Make Up Collection 2013 and Tenue de Perfection

Hello girls!!

As our journey through the Guerlain universe continues, we will take another look at the amazing Fall 2013 make up, collection. I will start with the most important product for a flawless complexion:

Guerlain: The Journey Begins!

Hello girls!!

My love for Guerlain products is no secret especially the perfumes that I absolutely adore! So I decided to write a series of posts that will slowly escalate to a surprise that I think you will find quite exciting!!!!