Top 15 Best BB Creams That Work for Mature Skin

Having good looking and healthy skin always does wonders for one’s confidence. This is especially true for those who are getting older.

Naturally, our skin will change when we get older.

Fortunately, we don’t need to worry about those various changes because there are ways to slow down the aging process.

BB creams have been so effective in hydrating the skin and keeping it healthy. Because of this, it is widely used amongst people who have mature or aging skin.

However, what exactly does BB cream do, and how does it work?

BB creams hydrate your skin and keep it healthy through various ingredients that offer protection from UV rays and prevent aging.

Because of those anti-aging properties, it can also help conceal pimples, decrease skin discoloration, repair dead skin, and reduce wrinkles on the face.

These are the features that you should look out for when you’re trying to combat the aging process.

Is this familiar to what you’d want or you’ve been looking for?

If it is, then you’ll really enjoy this little guide we prepared for you.

This guide will outline the information you’ll need about BB creams and a list of our top 15 BB cream products that are worth giving a try.

Then, here we go!

What to Look for When Choosing a BB Cream for Mature Skin

Before we go to our reviews for the best BB creams for mature skin, we need to have some sort of criteria.

This will help you to accurately choose the right type of BB cream for your skin.

Thus, here are a few things you should take into consideration when shopping for BB creams:


When you choose your ingredients, there are a few things that you need to avoid.

First of all, you must avoid the BB creams that have fragrances and the ones that are noncomedogenic. So make sure that these features aren’t found in your BB cream package.

Another thing to take note of is Vitamin E. It’s best to find a BB cream with Vitamin E so that you can prevent free radicals that deter youthful skin.

Now, some of the ingredients that you have to be looking for include hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid. These are the essential ingredients needed to maintain your healthy skin and treat those annoying blemishes.

Skin Type

Another thing that you need to take into consideration is your skin type.

Generally, there are 3 skin types to note– oily skin, acne-prone skin, and dry skin.

For those who have oily skin, you may want to look for a BB cream that has a matte finish without any oil. Since you already produce oil very fast, you won’t want a BB cream that can induce more oil.

Therefore, an oil-free BB cream is highly advised for this skin type.

Another skin type is acne-prone skin. As the name suggests, this type of skin is prone to redness and inflammation.

However, if you are considering a BB cream to work on this type of skin, you’ll also be going to need an oil-free type BB cream to avoid triggering more inflammation and blemishes.

The last type is the dry skin type. For these types of skin types, you will need a BB cream that has high moisturizing properties.

Using BB creams with a good hydrating formula will enhance your dry skin and you’ll see a lot more noticeable results.

Top BB Creams for Mature Skin

1. Revlon PhotoReady BB Skin Cream

When it comes to a smooth and creamy application, we’ll definitely give props to this brand. It has medium coverage and is known for being able to hide eye bags as well as skin coloration.

One of the best things about this BB cream is that it can glide easily on the skin. It’s so easy to apply and it stays there without running even under heat.

That’s what makes it one of the most popular BB creams that you can find in the market.

2. IPKN Moist and Firm BB Cream

If you have skin that dries quickly, then this is one of the best choices to have for your BB cream.

First of all, it is designed to be able to provide high levels of moisture and hydration. That’s why it is also known as a very effective face moisturizer.

But aside from just that, it is also good to maintain the elasticity and strength of the skin. It does so because of the ceramide and collagen levels in the formulation, making you look much younger than your actual age.

3. Physicians Formula Super BB Cream

One of the things that we love about this BB cream is that it lasts quite a long time on your skin.

Unlike a lot of creams that run when you go outside, this one has lasting strength. Even if you sweat, this won’t run on your face.

Additionally, it is also known for its firming characteristics. It is excellent for mature skin that is getting loose over time. It can give your skin that youthful elasticity that can make your face bloom again.

4. Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream

Being made from Korea, you can be confident that this is a great product.

After all, it is Korea, where the BB cream’s popularity rose to new heights. So it’s only natural that the country creates some of the best BB creams around.

Now, this one has a powerful SPF30/PA++. What’s that for?

Well, this is the one that works best for skin wrinkling due to being under the sun for too long. So if you want something that can act as both an anti-aging formula and a sunscreen, this is it.

5. Nature Republic Collagen BB Cream

This one has one of the highest levels of collagens you can find in any BB cream. So if you happen to have those skin spots or discolorations that come with aging, then you would definitely love this product.

The collagen levels can help straighten out the discolored parts of your skin so you can have that smooth porcelain look.

Plus, it is also known for covering the blemishes and the skin spots of your face. This is especially good for fair-skinned women who want that white glow of youth.

6. SKIN79 Super Plus Beblesh BB Cream

This BB cream has a rich hazelnut tone with a yellow base making it great for dark skin tones.

When you apply it to dark skin, it will blend in with the color and give it a wet and dewy look. It’s one of the best ones for brown skin.

All you need to do is lightly apply it on your face and spread the cream around. It’s quite soothing to the skin, and it is also great for moisturizing, making it perfect for dry skin types.

7. Garnier SkinActive BB Cream

This anti-aging BB cream can act as both a moisturizer and a sunscreen at the same time.

After all, it has an SPF in its formulation that can block off the harmful UV rays of the sun. At the same time, it keeps the skin moisturized so that it won’t dry up in the heat.

Also, Garnier is a pretty well-known brand, so you can be sure it is high quality.

It also comes with a high dose of Vitamin C, which can make your skin look much brighter. It’ll give off a really nice afterglow if used consistently.

8. Jane Iredale Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream

If you want something safe for your face, then this product may be for you. It happens to be the best one on the list for sensitive skin.

This BB cream features a hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic formula. Known for its hydrating features, it is a great BB cream that can show promising results.

You’ll also love all of the natural ingredients here, such as coconut extract, bitter orange, citrus, and other things. If the other BB creams make your skin break out, this is a good option.

9. Bella Terra BB Cream

While the foundation is a common part of any woman’s makeup kit, not all foundations can give you a natural look.

Thus, the best alternative to the regular foundation is none other than this– Bella Terra BB Cream.

This is a tinted moisturizer which not only acts as a hydrating agent and an anti-aging formula but also as a perfect foundation alternative.

You can save money by not having to keep buying foundation and use this 2-in-1 alternative instead.

10. Marcelle BB Cream Illuminator

There are many BB creams that you can find in the market.

However, most of them are specialized for just a specific type of skin. That’s where this one works well for those with combination skin types.

As you observe, combination skin types may have dry skin and oily skin at the same time. So if you happen to have this kind of skin, then you’ll need something a little more versatile.

This one is known to be able to work great for combination skin.

11. Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream

The active ingredient of this anti-aging BB cream is none other than titanium dioxide. This little ingredient is the reason as to why this BB cream can be such a strong sunscreen. The UV filtration feature of this BB cream is powerful and can protect you from even the harshest weather.

Therefore, the BB cream is great for those who live in hot tropical countries. It will prevent wrinkles and fine lines, which are two huge consequences of being exposed to the sun all the time.


We do know that we mentioned not to get a BB cream that has fragrance.

However, we can make this one an exception.

Why? Because the fragrance of this BB cream comes from natural botanical herbs. Most other BB creams with fragrances come from chemical substances that will irritate your skin.

This one, on the other hand, has fragrances that come from rosemary and chamomile extract. With these two, you can be sure that your BB cream will smell good and won’t irritate your skin at all.

13. EverGlam K-Beauty Korean BB Cream

The oil control of this BB cream is fantastic.

That’s what makes it great for those who happen to have oily skin. If you want to control the amount of oil in your skin, then this is the one that you should get.

Besides, it blends in super well with your skin and can even cover up your blemishes, dark spots, and skin discoloration. It can give you that shiny ivory look.

14. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

Most BB creams are rather expensive to buy, especially for the size that they usually come at. But this one is a different case. It happens to be one of the most affordable ones in the market.

However, what makes this BB cream extraordinary is that while it is affordable, it doesn’t scrimp on quality. It is a great product that will serve you well and give you that fine and fresh shiny look.

15. Burt’s Bees BB Cream

This is a lotion type BB cream that can work as a perfect anti-wrinkling cream. It’s perfect for mature skin because it does an outstanding job with the fine lines and other unwanted lines that appear on the skin.

Aside from that, it is a very versatile cream that can work on various skin colors. It can work for fair skin, medium fair skin, and even slightly dark skin.

Lastly, it comes with a high level of antioxidants because the main ingredient is the Noni Extract. Aside from just the Noni Extract, the other ingredients are also completely natural, making it very safe.


These, by far, are some of the best BB creams that you can find in the market.

Should you want to look for a good one, then you can just refer to our list.

With the help of our buying guide, you’ll be able to pick out the best one for your face. Just don’t forget to take into consideration your skin type and the ingredients that you will want for your BB cream.

We hope that you enjoyed this guide and that it’ll help you slow down the aging process and maintain that youthful look as long as possible. Have a great day!

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