The 15 Best Clip in Extensions for African American Hair 2021

Do you love to style your Afro-American hair?

Are you always looking for ways to modify your looks?

The modern-day has made styling and modifying hairs easy.

One of how you can achieve a stylish and modern look is by using hair extensions. They come in different forms and styles and can match the black hair textures well.

Whether you have kinky curly hair or wavy tresses hair extensions, give you a creative edge to experiment with every day.

I am sure the number of options will leave you confused, and hence I present some of the best hair extensions for your African American hair.

How to Choose the Right Hair Extension?

  • Hair Texture – Everyone has a different hair texture, and hence, the first thing that you need to assess is your hair texture. You can have wavy, curly, or straight hair. Depending upon your hair texture, you can choose an extension that is the best match.
  • Hair Color – If you want to achieve a natural look with your hair extension, choosing the right color is essential. And for this, you need to know the natural color of your hair. Have a look at your hair in natural daylight to get an accurate idea.
  • Hair Length – Hair extensions can give you lustrous-looking long hair. But it is essential to match them with the natural hair length to blend in effortlessly.
  • Hair Thickness – Hair extensions are available in different weights. Depending upon your natural hair volume, you can go for the thickness you want.

Best Clip in Extensions for African American Hair

Lovrio 9A Virgin Human Hair extension

If you want to give your hair a natural look, then this real human hair extension from Lovrio is the best choice.

Made with the highest quality human hair, this clip in extension will give a soft and natural look to your tresses.

You can blow dry, wash, and style your hair as you want with this extension. It comes with 17 attached clips that fix the extensions appropriately and prevent them from coming off.

This clip-in extension weft gives your hair a voluminous look and blends beautifully into your straight black hair.

Urbeauty Kinky Curly Hair Extension

If you want to opt for a stylish yet comfortable clip in extension, then Urbeauty has got you covered. Their curly extensions give your hair a fuller look with 100% natural hair that is soft to touch and beautiful to flaunt.

It features a classic triple lace design that is tied to the natural hair for adding volume. With this clip in extension, you can be assured that they will stick to your hair as they come with 9 high-quality steel clips.

Once you attach Urbeauty Kinky Curly Hair Extension, they will stick to their place without shedding and tangling whether you wash your hair, style, or color them.

ABH Yaki Hair Clip

Made specifically for Afro American hair, the ABH Remy hair is a great product if you are looking for clip in hair extensions. They weigh 120 Gms approximately and give you a natural and voluminous look.

The extension is made with natural human hair and is a breeze to fix into your hair.
They come with Silicone-coated steel clips that are rust-resistant and ensure the extension remains in place for longer. Thus, you don’t have to worry about them falling off.

They are best suited for Yaki straight hair type and can be washed, dried, and styled on the go.

A lot of care has been taken to craft the extension to ensure that they cause no harm to your natural hair.

ABH Curly Clip Extension

If you have kinky curly hair, then ABH has got you covered. Their 3C/4A clip in extension is a beautiful way to enhance your hair volume and bounce.

With this hair extension, you can flaunt beautiful Bantu knots, twists, and many other hairstyles.

These extensions are made with virgin Remy hair that feels soft to touch and does not damage your natural hair. You don’t have to worry about shedding or split-ends as the hair is made of the highest quality.

The length of this extension is 10 inches and is super easy to wash, dry, and style too. However, the hair extension’s life is expected to be around 3-12 months.

Vivia Bella Jet black Kinky Hair Clip

If you want to add volume to your jet black African American tresses, turn to the Vivia Bella extension. It is made with natural human hair to add length and thickness to your hair.

The extension features double wefts that are securely sewn for comfortable use. You can use this extension just like your natural hair as it can be washed, dried, and colored too. The attachment is tangle-free and does not shed.

It consists of high-quality stainless steel clips that keep the extension in place. Installing it is a breeze and can be used for both thick and thin hair by adjusting the pieces.

Eiake Natural Curly Hair

If you have light wavy textured hair, then the Eiake natural curly extension can be the one for you.

The light curly extension is made with 100% virgin human hair. It blends into your hair seamlessly to add volume and length.

The extension is soft, silky, and tangle-free too. It consists of a double weft that is crafted with utmost diligence and secured with clips. Once you put on the extension, you can treat it like your own hair.

It can be washed, trimmed, and colored too. With minimal shedding and a perfect curly texture for Afro American hair, this 10-inch extension is the right way to achieve naturally beautiful tresses.

Isheeny Kinky Curly Extension

This kinky curly from Isheeny is for all the women out there who are looking for short hair extensions. The Afro American curls are a perfect way to enhance the hair volume that looks natural.

It is a 4b to 4c curl pattern that consists of 8 pieces. They are perfectly crafted wefts sewn with high-quality clips. You can treat them like your natural hair and go about washing, blow-drying, and dying it too.

The curls are made with grade 10A virgin human hair and thus are soft and smooth to touch.

Your search for a shorter and affordable hair extension ends with the Isheeny curly extensions.

Anrosa Yaki Hair Extension

If you have Yaki textured hair and want to add up to the volume, then the Anrosa hair extension can help you. This hair extension is made with virgin hair and comes in varying lengths to match your requirement.

A single set of the extension consists of 7 wefts that are attached with 17 clips. Therefore, it will be easier to use the extensions and keeps them in place. Though the extension is soft, but it is strong enough to handle washing and styling with hot tools.

It is available in natural black color and gives you the freedom to style it in several ways.

What’s more? There is a money-back guarantee too. If the product doesn’t meet your expectations, you can claim a refund.

Re4u Human Hair Extension

Adding volume to straight hair is a breeze with the Re4u hair extension. Made with 100% Remy hair, this clip in extension adds up to the hair thickness while keeping the look natural.

The hair extension is soft and silky, allowing you to style and color in many ways. Since the extension is not very densely thick, it is suitable if you are not looking for a lot of volumes.

However, you can rely on these extensions’ quality as the wefts are machine-made with elastic clips. These clips hold the extension firmly into your hair, giving you beautiful looking tresses.

Saga Queen Brazilian Kinky Curly

If you have 3c or 4 hairs, then this kinky hair extension is one of the most affordable options. It can be used to add both volume and length to your hair. It beautifully depicts the bouncy Afro hair that many women love to flaunt.

The hair extension is made with real human hair so that you can sport them confidently. If you want your hair extension to last long, you should regularly shampoo and condition them.

This afro hair extension measures 10 inches in length, is tangle-free, and comes with 10 clips to perfectly fit into your hair.

Sassina Natural Human Hair Extension

Made with 100% natural and unprocessed human hair, this hair extension from Sassina is a beautiful product. It is a 4B,4C natural clip in extension that adds density to your hair.

The elastic silicone-coated steel clips give the extension a tight yet comfortable grip on your hair without causing any damage.

You can comb, wash, condition, color, and even make hairstyles to match your choice with this extension. Flaunt thicker, fuller, and healthier hair with this extension.

Full Hair Kinky Hair Clip in Extension

Made with 100% Remy Brazilian hair, this hair extension is what you need to sport fuller bouncy hair. They are crafted to have a long-lasting shine and perfect curls even after repeated usage.

The extension comes with 7 clips to fix into your hair nicely and give your hair a voluminous look. With this hair extension, you have all the freedom to wash, style, and perm them as you wish.

The hair extension is 10 inches in length, light, durable, and comfortable. Add the desired volume and length to your hair easily with this kinky clip in extension.

Rolisy Kinky Curly Extensions

If curly hair is what you love then the Rolisy extension is the easiest way to achieve the desired look. They can transform your look in seconds and are easily attachable and detachable.

This kinky curly extension gives you the opportunity to step out in style as you can color, wash, and condition them as you like. They are tangle-free and do not shed and thus you can flaunt them with confidence.

Made with 100% Brazilian virgin human hair, they are soft and silky even after extended usage.

The stainless steel clips hold the hair in place so that you can go about your routine without any worries.

KeLang Afro American Curly Hair Clip

Take your hairstyle a level higher with the KeLang Kinky hair extension.

Made with 100% virgin human hair, the extension consists of a full cuticle. The weft is sewn on a machine, and hence, it is long-lasting.

You can sit back and relax as the extension does not tangle or shed. Additionally, you can style, straighten, and color the hair as you like to transform your look.

This Kinky hair comes with 7 pieces and stainless steel clips that are sewn by a double thread to make them durable.


Your hair plays a significant role when it comes to beautifying yourself. Clip-in hair extensions are one of the most convenient ways to transform your style and sport a different look whenever you want.

While choosing extensions, keep your hair safety as the priority. Keeping this in mind, I have listed some of the best and safe hair extensions that you can treat as your natural hair.

They are safe, affordable, and give you the freedom to style them as you like.


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