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Generally, the adjective beautifull is used to describe people or things that are very pretty, attractive and good-looking. Other synonyms for beautiful include handsome(masculine), gorgeous, and stunning. You might also use the nouns magnificent, incredible and breathtaking in place of beautiful to describe something that is especially wonderful.

Beautifull means something that excites the senses or the mind and delights in it: A beautiful painting; a beautiful woman. The comparatives beautifuler and beautifullest are not commonly used. Pretty, lovely, and fair all imply moderate beauty: a pretty child; a lovely dress; a comely face; a beautiful smile. Handsome carries more masculine connotations of stateliness and poise, and emphasizes pleasing proportions and symmetry: a handsome oak-paneled library.

The word beautiful comes from Middle English bewtefull, a compound of bewtiful and -full, referring to something that is full of wonder. It is a poetic word that was popular in the 14th and 15th centuries.

Although beauty is often said to be in the eye of the beholder, evolutionary psychologists agree that there are certain features that make someone a desirable mate. In fact, facial attractiveness is so important that it influences the decisions we make at all stages of life. Six-month-old infants, for example, prefer to look at faces that are closer to the average than to the most distinctively shaped ones (Langlois and Roggman, 1990).

Despite the stereotype that beautiful women are slender with long, flowing hair, a number of anthropological studies have shown that this is not the case. The majority of the world’s populations have a wide variety of body shapes, and many cultures have a high proportion of short-haired women.

In an impactful article, Onque writes about a young girl who has been bullied for her natural appearance and believes harmful beauty practices will save her from discrimination. She explores methods to reduce the effects of dangerous beauty ideals such as promoting safer online platforms and implementing positive body image education in schools.

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