How to Define Beauty


Beauty is an emotion that captures the soul, it’s a casual smile freely given, a tenderness of the heart that shows through. It’s a moment in time that brings smiles to everyone around, it is the poetry of life and what makes us all human. Beauty can be found in a thousand ways, from the beautiful scenery of the mountains or the sea to a simple gesture of kindness or a soft look into someone’s eyes, all are beautiful in their own way.

The word beautifull is derived from two words, beauty and full which means ‘full of beauty’. The adjective beautiful describes a person or object that is pleasant to the senses and appeals to emotions, such as love, compassion and happiness. It’s a word that encompasses both outer appearance and inner qualities, but it can be hard to define and varies from person to person. The best way to describe it is through pictures and videos, as it’s easier for others to relate to the visual representation of beauty.

While it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, most people tend to agree on what a beautiful person or object looks like. For example, a person may think that the brown spotted grass frog is ugly, but someone who studies frogs may consider it to be quite beautiful. This is because of the innate beauty that is instilled in most creatures by their environment.

A variety of words are used to describe a beautiful person or object, such as comely, pretty, handsome, and lovely. Beautiful suggests perfection in form, color, and harmony. It also refers to noble and spiritual qualities: a beautiful landscape or a beautiful woman. Handsome is a close synonym to beautiful, and it implies stateliness and pleasing proportion and symmetry: a handsome man. Lovely is similar to beautiful, but it evokes more emotional response than handsome or beautiful: a lovely smile.

There are a variety of other words that can be used to describe the beauty of something: enchanting, sublime, and captivating. The word enchanting creates a sense of magic and mystery, which can help to draw the reader into a story. It can also add tension, as the character may have to confront challenges that disrupt the peace and tranquility of their natural surroundings.

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