How to Write an Article About Health

Health is the state of being physically, mentally and socially well. It includes a sense of self-satisfaction and fulfillment in life. The concept of health has a broad interpretation, and it may vary among individuals depending on their age, gender, culture, ethnicity, lifestyle or medical history. It is also influenced by their personal values and beliefs. Some people define health in terms of their ability to overcome disease or loss of function, while others find satisfaction with other positive aspects of their lives. In digital society, different understandings of health co-exist and do not take precedence over one another. This phenomenon is known as digital anachronism, or syncreticity of multiple viewpoints without hierarchy and order (2).

In the past, some of the common views of health were:

Historically, doctors have been the main providers of information on diseases and their prevention. However, today, with the growth of social media and increased public awareness, anyone can write an article about health and distribute it to a large audience. These articles are often based on scientific research, news reports, posts on social media and/or discussions at conferences. They might also be written from the perspective of an individual who has experience with a particular health issue.

The definition of health has changed considerably in recent years, from a simple description of the absence of disease to an idea that encompasses the whole person and their relationship with their physical environment. In addition, the definition of healthy living has become more complex as a result of changes in lifestyles and working conditions. For example, a person who has always lived at sea level may suddenly move to the mountains and experience shortness of breath as a result of the lower oxygen content in the air.

When deciding to write an article about health, it is a good idea to look for trends, such as an increase in the number of people who are uninsured or a decrease in cancer-related deaths. This way, you can tailor your article to meet the needs of your audience.

In addition to researching current events, you can also use historical sources, such as medical journals and newspapers, to find an interesting angle on a topic. Similarly, you can look for quotes that might help you add some credibility to your article. Lastly, you can read previous award-winning health articles to get an idea of what judges are looking for. You should also be familiar with the judging criteria, which can range from the amount of research that goes into an article to a writer’s natural writing style and originality.