The Beautifull Article

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The word “beautiful” means pretty, and it can be used to describe a person, place, or thing. It can also be used to describe someone’s clothes or hair. Some synonyms for beautiful include gorgeous, pretty, and bombshell. The word beautifull comes from the French word beaute, which has a double L. However, in English the correct spelling is beautiful.

Beauty is a subjective term. It’s a feeling that evokes positive emotions and can affect your mood. It’s a combination of many things, such as symmetry, shape, and color. It can be found in nature, art, and people. Some people have an innate sense of beauty, while others have to work hard to find it.

The definition of beauty changes from culture to culture, but there are some common qualities that all cultures consider beautiful. The first quality is symmetry. People consider symmetrical faces to be more attractive than asymmetrical ones. This is probably because symmetrical faces are more similar to the average face, which makes them more relatable. Another important aspect of beauty is proportion. People tend to judge a face as more attractive when it is in proportion with their body. This is probably because it signals that the person is healthy and well-balanced.

Besides these traits, there are several other factors that make a person beautiful. A person’s personality, intelligence, and character can all contribute to her beauty. People who are kind and generous are often considered to be beautiful. They can make you feel happy and relaxed just by being around them. People who have good manners and follow the rules of society are usually considered to be beautiful.

A woman who is petty in her relationships and competition with other women is not a beautiful woman. She might diet together, dye her hair light, dark, or even back again; race to get engaged; try to find a taken man more attractive than a free one; and spend her whole life in real and imagined competition with other girls.

There is nothing wrong with being petty, but there are limits. A beautiful girl must have a life that is balanced and full, and she must find joy in her own achievements rather than finding it through competing with other girls. The Neapolitan quartet shows how unfairness accumulates, but it also has its highs: Lila might be a teacher’s pet with virtuosity and an energy that dazzles men, but she also gets beaten and loses her child. Plain Lenu studies, applies herself, and endures an uphill climb — she might not be crowned a princess, but she does end up, on the whole, better off.