The Meaning of the Word Beautifull


Beautifull means exciting sensuous or aesthetic pleasure: a beautiful woman; a beautifully designed room. It may also refer to something that arouses admiration or adoration: a beautiful building; a beautiful landscape. The adjective beautiful is sometimes used ironically: “the beautiful people”; someone who has a good sense of humor is said to be a “beautiful person.” It can also refer to something that delights the mind or emotions: an interesting book; a stunning painting.

Beautiful is often compared to attractive, which refers to a person’s physical appearance. Although the word beautiful can refer to both men and women, it is overwhelmingly used of females or specific physical aspects of a woman’s body (e.g., her hair or skin). This is contrasted with handsome, which carries more masculine connotations and is often used of men.

The adjective is also often used to describe a religious or spiritual aspect of beauty, such as the beauty of a church. When used to describe churches, it evokes the idea of serenity and calm. This is especially important in novels, where characters may visit the church and want to convey that they feel peaceful and free from stress.

While there is a lot of debate about whether beauty is objective or subjective, it is clear that most people appreciate beauty and are impressed by it. This is evidenced by the fact that the word has many synonyms: comely, pretty, lovely and fair. Comely suggests wholesome physical attractiveness: a comely woman; a well-shaped body. Pretty suggests moderate beauty, especially in that which is small or feminine: a pretty blouse; a pretty child. Lovely implies beauty in a warm and endearing way: a lovely smile; a sweet nature. Fair emphasizes freshness or purity: a fair complexion; an innocent face.

An individual’s sense of what is beautiful is highly personal and often influenced by the expectations and cultural norms of their society. As a result, different individuals perceive beauty in very different ways. A person’s sense of beauty can also change over time, as they gain more confidence in their own abilities or as they develop a deeper appreciation for their own unique qualities.

A beautiful person is one who sees the beauty in others and treats them with respect. They are able to recognize and appreciate the divinity in each other, even if their backgrounds or experiences are very different. This is why a beautiful person is often regarded as having a kind, generous and loving heart. They are a gift to the world, and they bring joy to those around them.