What Does It Mean to Be Beautifull?


Beautifull is an adjective that means very attractive or pleasing. It’s usually used to describe people, things, or places. She was such a beautiful woman. The mountains are so beautiful. The party was held at a beautiful place.

The earliest meaning of beauty in English is “beautiful, fair, or good-looking.” This sense was most closely associated with the word’s Latin root, vulgaria, which is also the root of words like luscious and gorgeous. The definition expanded over time to include an idea of pleasing the senses, particularly sight. Later, it was used to refer to an object’s harmony or proportions. The word is also associated with virtue, which has been considered a key element of beauty.

Aquinas believed that beauty was a matter of perfect proportion. He said, “The beautiful is harmony of parts, in which each part, in its relation to the whole, conspires with and helps the other parts” (Summa Theologica I, 39, 8). He also believed that the beautiful was a combination of two qualities: integrity or perfection and due proportion or consonance. He further added that a thing or person was beautiful when it was harmonious in its proportions, and that it was ugly if it had any discordance.

Other related adjectives are lovely, pulchritudinous, and comely. Each of these words has a slightly different connotation, but they all mean exciting sensuous or aesthetic pleasure.

When referring to a person, the word beautiful is almost always used of women and their physical features. It is less common to use handsome to describe men, though this is not wrong. It’s often seen as a compliment to be called beautiful.

Whether it’s a sunset, a flower, or an apple, most of us find nature’s beauty to be quite beautiful. However, some of the most beautiful examples of beauty are more intangible. People who have a strong sense of purpose, love, or faith tend to find the most peace in their lives. It is these people who are truly beautiful, and not the ones who have perfect bodies or have a certain amount of money.

Often, our ideas of what is beautiful are based on cultural norms and trends. For example, some people have a harder time accepting themselves if they have large ears or big lips. Other ideas of beauty are based on the symmetry of our face, skin color, body shape or gender. While it’s important to respect these norms, we should try not to let them define us. Instead, we should be focusing on our internal beauty and our faith in God. This will help us to live more fully and be a positive influence on those around us. Ultimately, physical beauty will fade, but our true beauty (virtue) will last forever.