What Is Beautiful?

In a sense, beautifull means the same as beautiful: it’s attractive to look at. The difference is that beautifull has more of a spiritual or mystical connotation to it, which makes it more appealing to a certain type of person than just a nice-looking person. It is often used to describe people who have a good heart and a lot of character, rather than just someone who is physically good-looking.

Whether we are talking about a landscape, piece of art, or a person, it is often said that something is beautiful when it excites the senses and stirs emotions. It can also mean that it is exquisite, magnificent, or breathtaking. People might be called gorgeous, lovely, or pretty when they are described as beautiful, but those words have more of a superficial meaning to them than the word “beautiful.” For example, women often use the term “bombshell” when describing someone who is very pretty.

One of the things that I find beautiful is watching a young child play, and the innocence of their joy and wonder at the world around them. Then there are the simple pleasures, like waking up before everyone else and walking through the wet grass and early spiderwebs on a quiet day, and smelling the morning dew and hearing the birds sing in the distance. There’s a beauty to those moments that is hard to explain. I think it’s because we are not in a rush to get anywhere or do anything, but instead we are enjoying the beauty of each moment as it unfolds.

Aside from the physical and emotional beauty that can be experienced, beauty can also be found in actions. An act can be beautiful if it is done with great skill and purpose, even if it’s a mundane task. For instance, a good chef can make an ordinary dish beautiful by preparing it with care and precision. Or, a writer can write a story that is beautiful in its message and in the way it conveys that message to the reader.

The dictionary defines beauty as “a quality or thing that delights the senses or inspires admiration.” That’s why so many people love to watch a movie, read a book, or listen to music that they know is beautiful. It can be a great escape into another world, and for a short time it’s possible to forget all the stresses and worries of life that are waiting for us back home.

I once had a boyfriend who loved to greet friends by saying, “Hello, beautiful!” He would always use the same tone and inflection, even when it was obvious that he meant it with no emotion at all. It was such a cheap tactic to try and manipulate other people’s feelings, and it wasn’t even that effective at making them feel good about themselves. That’s why it is so important to treat others with kindness and respect, regardless of how they look or what they do for a living.