What Makes Someone Beautiful?


When people hear the word beautifull they often think of someone who is good looking and likable. But is that all there is to beauty? People who are beautifull have a lot more going on than just their looks. They are kind, empathetic, and they practice gratitude. They also have a passion for life that is contagious. They are always learning and growing and they find beauty in the little things in life.

What is considered beautiful changes over time, and it’s subjective. What you find beautiful may be different from another person, and it can even change over the course of a day or week. But there are some traits that many people have found beautifull throughout the ages:

1. A Love for Truth

People who are beautifull keep their hearts open and they do their best to see both sides of an argument. They don’t jump to conclusions or assume that they know the whole story before hearing it from everyone involved. They are patient and understanding and they are quick to learn. This patience and understanding allow them to connect with other people in a deep and meaningful way. This is the root of true beauty, and people who are beautifull are able to make others feel at ease around them.

2. A Love for Beauty

People that are beautifull love to be surrounded by beautiful things, both real and imaginary. They have an appreciation for the little things in life like a beautiful sunset, the sound of birds singing, or a great piece of art. They also have an appreciation for the little things in their own lives, such as a sunny day, the smell of rain, or the taste of fresh strawberries. People who are beautifull are not afraid to step outside of their comfort zones and try new things. They view every new experience as a chance to learn and grow.

3. A Sense of Humor

People with a sense of humor are usually beautifull because they can lighten up the mood in any situation. They know how to laugh at themselves and they aren’t afraid to be vulnerable. They can find beauty in the mistakes that they make, and they don’t take themselves too seriously. People that are beautifull are also able to have healthy relationships because they treat others with respect and dignity.

4. A Spirit of Generosity

People that are beautifull are generous in both their time and in their money. They are happy to help others when they can and they often volunteer their time to do something they believe in. They are not afraid to give up their comforts for the greater good. This is a trait that many people admire in others and it is a quality that makes them truly beautifull.

Up until 1700 CE, philosophers often talked about beauty in conjunction with goodness and truth. Although many modern Western philosophers have avoided theological overtones, notions of grace (bestowing life), creation (starting anew), and elevation/generosity/superabundance/redemption/salvation are still closely linked to beauty. Moreover, modern notions of beauty still involve a coincidence of opposites (the harmony of order and irregularity in the beautiful object, the merger of toil and pleasure in the producer, the fusion of concentration and relaxation in the beholder) that have spiritual overtones.