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Elizabeth Arden Spring 2012 Make Up Collection: Pink for spring!


beautynews  Rose Aurora group image Elizabeth Arden Spring 2012 Make Up Collection: Pink for spring!


Get ready for a season full of romance, fun and happiness with Rose Aurora, Elizabeth Arden’s New Spring 2012 Make Up Collection. This color story is a modern twist on the original 1950’s collection designed by Ms. Elizabeth Arden herself, and is brought to life with elegant rose-gold packaging and beautiful, soft rose printed cartons. Creating a fresh golden glow, accentuated eyes, and soft shimmery lips, Rose Aurora embodies what this exciting new season is all about!



NEW Pure Finish Bronze Powder
This silky smooth powder gives a touch of radiance to your skin for a healthy, warm, beautifully bronzed look.  The luxe powder is packaged in an embossed rose gold metal collectible compact.  More than makeup, it is infused with beneficial ingredients such as Zin’cite, which is known to energize and protect skin cells, and green tea, white tea and minerals which provide antioxidant protection. Available in: Soft Radiance, Warm Radiance and Deep Radiance.


Application Tip: Apply bronzer along temples and under the cheekbones to frame your face and define your features. Finish with a light dusting on the center of the forehead and the bridge of your nose for a healthy glow.

beautynews  Rose Aurora bronzer compact Elizabeth Arden Spring 2012 Make Up Collection: Pink for spring!



NEW Pure Finish Highlighter
This lightweight, luminescent powder illuminates skin with a universally flattering radiant rose-gold shade, for a soft, shimmery look. This skin beneficial formula is also infused with Zin’cite, green tea, white tea and minerals.   Available in Rose Illumination.


Application Tip: Starting at the temples, sweep across the top of cheekbones in a ‘c’ shape, to make eyes and cheeks pop with a touch of light-catching shimmer.

beautynews  Rose Aurora blush compact o Elizabeth Arden Spring 2012 Make Up Collection: Pink for spring!



NEW All Over Face Powder Brush
This soft, oversized multi-purpose brush is designed to contour, set or blend makeup.  Also use it to dust shoulders and décolleté.

beautynews  Rose Aurora brush Elizabeth Arden Spring 2012 Make Up Collection: Pink for spring!



To complete the look, the Rose Aurora Eye-liner and the Rose Aurora Lipstick in a beautiful beize-pink shade, will help you make your first make up steps towards spring, which is just around the corner!

beautynews  Rose Aurora lip stick Elizabeth Arden Spring 2012 Make Up Collection: Pink for spring!



beautynews  Rose Aurora eye liner Elizabeth Arden Spring 2012 Make Up Collection: Pink for spring!

19 Responses to “Elizabeth Arden Spring 2012 Make Up Collection: Pink for spring!”

  1. MariaA says:

    Gooooood moooorning!!!! February 1st today one step closer to spring! I love this color, the pink – bronze- goldish shade of this is great! The lipstick is winking at me and I think it wants me to take it home… It is exactly the kind of color I love for my lips in the daytime. Mmmmm we’ll see… I must say I adore Elizabeth Arden also for her perfume lines they are very successful and not very expensive too. Not very much advertised and therefore not known in the Greek market. I have a lot of friends who didn’t even know that they had any perfume at all!! The green tea line is my personal favorite, very fresh and uplifting for the summer. My latest addiction towards my pursuit to find the replacement for my favorite camelia perfume is Green Tea Camelia !!!! Very well done!!

  2. @MariaA: Have you tried Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door? I really-really like that perfume…

  3. MariaA says:

    Yes Julia I have!! It is a lovely oriental floral but doesn’t last much on my skin. however the Red Door Revealed is much better on me lasts longer too. Mayby its the casablanca lily in it!

  4. Melitina says:

    What a nice collection!!! And how “Girlies” look like!!!

  5. Theodora Psinaki says:

    Nice!!! :D

  6. Let me tell you all: Pink eyeshadows combined with pink lipstick and black eyeliner is the biggest trend of this spring!

  7. Maria says:

    As pink as it gets
    Great…Just great

  8. KatRap says:

    I’m ready for this season full of romance, fun and happiness…!!
    Moreover, there’s always something pink in my bag, but I find it a little bit difficult to wear pink lipstick and pink eyeshadow as well, without looking like Barbie..Or like a “Bubblegum queen” as my boyfriend and his friends characterize women wearing many pink items….:-D

  9. julia says:

    There are many ways to wear pink without looking like a Barbie doll. One is to choose a sheer rather than matte formula. Another is to not overdo it. If you choose pink for lips just pair it with black eye liner. If you choose a pink eye shadow aim for a nude lip gloss. Trust me. You will like the effect.

  10. KatRap says:

    Personally, I choose to combine pink on eyes and nude on lips…Or, at summer, fuchsia on lips and black eyeliner…

  11. sofia m. says:

    Hmmm I ve never heard of this brand before!the packaging is so cute and I am a sucker for cute colors like these!but what about the prices?

  12. Flora says:

    I was pleasantly surprised! What a nice change of packaging and very nice colours for this spring. I have to agree with MariaA that E. Arden perfums are very interesting. I have used Green Tea which was wonderfull for daytime use and have tried Elizabeth Taylor (I’m not sure of the name), which was nice and lasted soooo long!

  13. @Sofia m: Hey, Sofia! Elizabeth Arden is considered a selective brand so expect the prices to range from 20-50 euros and more..

  14. sofia m. says:

    Thank u julia:-D and where can I find them?

  15. @Sofia m: Try Attica the Department Store and other big cosmetic stores. xxx

  16. sofia m. says:

    Thank u once again!

  17. zoe k says:

    super !!!!!

  18. vaso z says:

    love it !

  19. Ginger says:

    Love the new Rose Aurora lipstick