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Givenchy CROISIÈRE: Be, a bronze beauty!

beautynews  givenchy summer 2012 6 Givenchy CROISIÈRE: Be, a bronze beauty!


This year make up director Nicolas Degennes’s created for Givenchy the Croisiere line, a line of bronze products and once more the face of the campaign is no other but Liv Tyler


Healthy Glow Powder

beautynews  givenchy summer 2012 Givenchy CROISIÈRE: Be, a bronze beauty!


Givenchy has created this featherweight texture powder for a sunny, invisible almost “nude” look. A light, creamy texture for an ultra-natural finish and second-skin effect. With or without makeup, whether very fair or very dark, the skin is even. The complexion naturally illuminated. Available in 4 shades


beautynews  givenchy summer 2012 1 Givenchy CROISIÈRE: Be, a bronze beauty!


Gloss Balm

beautynews  givenchy summer 2012 2 Givenchy CROISIÈRE: Be, a bronze beauty!


This moisturizing balm, enriched with shea butter, plumps the lips thanks to microspheres of hyaluronic acid while protecting them from the harmful effects of the sun. Its creamy, non-sticky texture makes the lips supple and smooth and brings out their natural color. Its delicate frangipani blossom fragrance makes summer timeless…


Mister Radiant Body

beautynews  givenchy summer 2012 4 Givenchy CROISIÈRE: Be, a bronze beauty!


The formula of this transparent gel with high water content releases its beads of color and antioxidant vitamins onto the skin. A sunlit reflection for a more intense, shimmering result. The ultra-fresh, non-sticky gel texture is rapidly absorbed, leaving a natural-looking tan on the skin.


Beautiful Liv…

beautynews  Liv Tyler ginenchy summer 2 Givenchy CROISIÈRE: Be, a bronze beauty!


11 Responses to “Givenchy CROISIÈRE: Be, a bronze beauty!”

  1. MariaA says:

    Hello Julia!!! Hello Bb girls!! Well Liv is gorgeous as previously also said and these products look amazing. The “featherweight texture” really got me as when using bronzing powders usually I end up lookind as I escaped from the 90′s. The frangipani scent in the gloss also is something I would like to try…. As for Mister radiant body, well the transparent glossy – like sparkling skin effect sounds most appealing!!!

  2. Menia says:

    Oh how I love Liv!! She is so gorgeous and luminous!!! The bronzer looks promising and Givenchy is guaranteed to give us great products!! Love it!!

  3. @MariaA: I looove Mister radiant Body. As for bronzing powders and their application, don’t fret… There’s a surprise coming soon on bb… I won’t say anything else..

  4. Andriana says:

    Beautiful Liv, indeed! So unpretentiously sweet and eye-catching.. I love the products, as well. Especially, the healthy glow powder could become one of my favorites, since I’m really pale!
    God, I gotta go shopping!!!
    Btw, love surprises! Can’t wait!

  5. Angelina says:

    Well, the transparent yet slightly sparkling body gel seems so inticing…

  6. irina says:


  7. CHRISA KOK says:

    It’s amazing!

  8. MariaA says:

    Aaaa Julia you are very secretive lately…. We’ll just have to wait and see i guess!!!!

  9. sofiaT says:

    Can i have it all??xixixi
    Ok, liv Tailer is bronze beauty i want to look the same,this summer!!
    The healthy glow powder is amazing i must do a list.

  10. katerinaki says:

    ouaou!!!i always liked so very much liv tyler,she’s so sweet and pretty!!!