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Stella’s Summer Rose

beautynews  Summer Rose 1 Stella’s Summer Rose


Summer Rose is the new summer perfume created by Stella McCartney. She says about her creation: “I wanted to capture the beauty and fragility of the most beautiful flower just before it begins to wilt. During this moment of perfection, the head is so heavy and the petals so open that they flutter away if you brush them with your fingers.”


No doubt, Stella Summer Rose embodies feminine sensuality. Playfully romantic, a bouquet of roses combined with sparkling notes of frosted lemon and green apple reveal a luminous heart of roses and peony notes. The amber notes of the finale feel like the warmth of the summer sun.


Finally the vintage inspired collector bottle, with severe almost masculine lines is softened by pink blooms.


beautynews  Summer Rose Stella’s Summer Rose



The classic edition of the Stella McCartney perfume is one of my favorite perfumes of all times. I’m really curious to try this one…


10 Responses to “Stella’s Summer Rose”

  1. KALLIOPI MAZ. says:


  2. maryl says:

    what a perfect bottle!!!! I will definitely try this…

  3. MariaA says:

    Good morning gorgeous bbgirls !! Beautiful bottle, very romantic! The original is very nice and this version sounds lovely especially if you like light rosy smells! Haven’t tried it yes it’s in my sniff list!!
    Lots of kisses!!

  4. Tania says:

    have to be nice…

  5. ANNA says:

    Like, like, like… all of it

  6. Angelina says:

    Unfortunately, the stella fragrances do not mix well with my skin, so I really don’t bother to try them on… Pity, since the description is mesmerizing!

  7. mako says:

    Nice bottle but what is this new trend with roses? It’s roses everywhere !!!!

  8. MariaA says:

    @mako: it is the oriental trend, it started with oud and now the oud + roses combo is very popular

  9. niki kalomiri says:

    Yesterday “la vie est belle” and today….”la vie en rose”. Must have a great fragrance and the bottle is so romantic….

  10. marianna says:

    i think that rose doesn’t suit me!!i have tried dolce&gabbana ”the rose” but i did’nt buy it.however,who knows?i’ll give it a try!!!