Salvatore Ferragamo “Signorina Eleganza”

Elegance has always been a defining element of Salvatore Ferragamo creations. Full of grace and refinement, they are further enhanced by the impeccable taste for which the Florentine brand is famous worldwide.The shoe maker of the stars whose creations have graced the feet of the most famous movie stars has launched a successful series of perfumes to dress our senses as well.

Guerlain & Fiat 500: A “beauty” match, made in heaven

La Petite Robe Noire turned out to be one of the most successful perfumes launched by Guerlain and since Miss Noire has changed her dress a couple of times it was about time to get a car to match her wardrobe!

Guerlain Meteorites Blosson: Spring Make Up Collection 2014

It is no secret that Guerlain is one my favorite brands – especially for the perfumes – but also when it comes to make up there a a few products that I simply can’t live without! My Maxi Lash mascara in black and my Rouge G lipstick never leave my bag!

Kiehl’s: Good for your skin and the world.

Over 160 years ago Kiehl’s was founded as an old-world apothecary in New York’s East Village. Since then Kiehl’s has grown into a recognized, worldwide skincare and beauty brand.

Elie Saab: Le Parfum Intense

Hello Julia & bb girls! Back to my favorite subject: Perfume! This one isn’t very new but I got a chance to wear it quite a bit during the holidays and I am truly impressed by it!

This Christmas, all aboard the Harrods Express!

It wouldn’t be Christmas in London without the Harrods’ displays being unveiled! This year’s Christmas set is inspired by the classic British steam train – in a more glamorous version of course!