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Guest Post from Mia

I gave my friend Brian from Nordstrom Seattle a personal challenge to help find a present for my friend’s name day at three different price ranges. I’m so relieved and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with! I’m the most indecisive person I know. That’s why I love this blog so much!

Mac Make Up 2011: A new collaboration with Gareth Pugh

The avant garde London based designer Gareth Pugh collaborates with Mac for this new limited edition make up collection that will hit the stores on November 23rd and will be available until the 23rd of December.

Mac, Matchmaster: If its only one product, let it be the right foundation!

Whenever I’m asked, if I could choose just one product to take with me if lets just say, I was stranded on an exotic desert island- the answer comes to me so easily that I don’t even have to think about it twice. It’s my foundation (and anyway when it comes to color for the lips and the cheeks I’m sure to find a beautiful red flower on the exotic desert island, rub it on my lips and cheeks and create my own lipstick and blush.)

Mac Fall 2011: Forget the make over. Here comes the Mac Over.

The new Mac Me Over! collection is inspired by the “girl next door” and a boy no less. And to cut a long story short I don’t know about you but for me there’s nothing more interesting than a before and after transformation using the right make up. So you can imagine the result, if you put Mac in the equation…